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"A subtle set of allusions and omens governs Nunziante's composition,

dimension of the artistic language that we call metaphysical.

He is the  invisible picture, the hidden truth."

Antonio Paolucci


Born in Naples in 1956, at the age of 6 he moved to Turin bringing with him the memories of joyful visits to Pompei, Ercolano and the museums of Capodimonte and San Martino, repeated several times during his returns to his hometown.


Academic studies and at the same time the search for form, Schiele and Picasso above all, then

the concept the dream the vision.


"What follows after metaphysics", Aristotele's works first, Böcklin's Symbolism and

De Chirico’s return to the museum.

The Northern and Italian Renaissance, the study of ancient techniques and the restoration are his passions.


Paolucci, Acidini, Sgarbi, Goldin, Daverio, Beatrice in Italy, Holenveg and Hubert in foreign lands write about and curate his major exhibitions.

Nunziante Artist Painter


 Antonio Nunziante 



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