Archiving of works

Certificate of authenticity

The Nunziante Archive" does not issue authentications by telephone but only to those who send us:

n ° 2 photographs without glass and without frame of the front of the work with more details (signature etc...)

n ° 1 photograph of the back of the work

After an expert assessment of the work, we will archive it.
Once issued, the archiving certificate cannot be duplicated and must accompany the work in each
subsequent transfer of ownership.

You will receive an additional sheet with the adhesive label to be affixed to the work (see)


IThe cost of archiving is € 200.00 + VAT = TOT € 244.00




Send us a professional file at 300 dpi of the work with the relative data.
We reserve the right to evaluate the quality of the file provided.
All the works are inserted with description and, to your discretion the name of the collection

(or private collection).


The cost of the publication is € 500.00 + VAT TOT € 610.00


Included in the price we will send you the new certificate of authentication updated on the publication of the 13th volume 

(After sending your old certificate)


Payment: bank transfer

Headed to: Metamediale s.r.l. by Nunziante Antonio
Unicredit Banca Ag. Di Giaveno
IBAN: IT66O0200830520000040886659

artista pittore Nunziante